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This is the Data Privacy Statement of i-potentials GmbH (hereinafter: “i-potentials”). This Privacy Statement governs the use of the services offered at as well as all other i-potentials’ services. This Privacy Statement applies to all users of the website and users of i-potentials’ services (“Users”). This Privacy Statement shall be valid for all visitors of the website, registered candidates, customers, persons who have contacted i-potentials and are interested in working with i-potentials as well as all cooperation partners of i-potentials.

i-potentials is committed to protecting the data of its Users and will process all data voluntarily submitted by Users to ipotentials during the usage or collected by i-potentials during the usage in compliance with valid and applicable data protection provisions, in particular those of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz – TMG). Detailed information can be retrieved from this Data Privacy Statement.


This Privacy Statement governs the services offered by i-­‐potentials at the domain www.i-­‐ and all other services. Insofar as other websites of i-potentials provide other privacy statements, these shall be applicable. This Privacy Statement does not apply to third websites which are made available through links on the i-potentials website. ipotentials shall not be responsible for the compliance of third parties with data protection regulations. For this reason, Users should thoroughly read the privacy statements of such linked websites.


In order to optimize its services, i-potentials collects personal data of the Users when they visit the website www.i-potentials. de. In addition, i-potentials collects personal data, which Users submit voluntarily in electronic or other form to i-potentials, e.g. customers or cooperation partners enquiring about a potential collaboration with i-potentials, candidates applying for a job that was posted on the job board or submitting a spontaneous application or in relation with other services offered by i-potentials.

2.1 Personal data: Personal data comprise all information about personal and factual circumstances of a definite or definable natural person. This includes information like name, e-mail address, postal

2.2 Specific personal data: i-potentials does not collect information about ethnic or racial origin, political, religious or philosophical believes, trade union membership, health or sexual orientation unless the User himself discloses such information at his own will during the communication with i-potentials.

2.3 Inventory data: i-potentials collects personal data that are required for the creation, the content or
changes of the contract between the corresponding User and i-potentials (so called inventory data).

2.4 Usage data: Insofar as required by i-potentials, i-potentials will collect and use the data of a User in order to enable the proper and contractual usage of the services offered at as well as for billing purposes (so called usage data). Usage data contain specific features for identifying the User and information about the start and the end of the usage as well as of the extent of the usage.


i-potentials only collects and processes personal data of Users if they are reasonably required to serve the legal business
purpose and if the User has submitted his personal data on a voluntary basis.

3.1. Statistical data logging: In addition to the information provided by Users, the system of i-potentials automatically collects information during the visit of the website (usage data). These include data about e.g. the type and version of the browser, the operating system, the date, time and duration of the visit, or the address of the visited sites, name and volume of accessed files, the IP address of the User and the domains from which the User accesses the services of i-potentials. These data are used for statistics in order to optimise the content and technical quality of the services available at the domain

The IP address is used to identify the computer that is connected to the Internet. This can also be used to localize the computer. The IP address is transferred with each server inquiry, so that the server knows where to send the reply to. Each User receives the IP address from his internet service provider (ISP) as soon as he connects to the Internet; the ISP can track which IP address was assigned to which
User at which time. As long as the IP address is stored, it might theoretically be possible to identify the subscriber to the telecommunication services via the ISP. i-potentials stores the IP address of the User, inter alia, when he enters the IP address during the registration and login process.

3.2 Cookies: i-potentials may use cookies. Cookies contain information that is sent by the i-potentials website to the browser or a browser plug-in of the User; subsequently, this information will be stored as a text file on the system of the User. If cookies are used, the i-potentials website can memorize information about the User and his settings, either until the User closes the current browser window (“session cookies”) or until the User deactivates or deletes the cookie.

3.3 Google Analytics: The website services of i-potentials use Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies, small text files that are stored on your computer and which enable Google Analytics to analyse the User’s usage of the website. The information about the usage of the i-potentials website as generated by the cookie (including the User’s IP address) will be transferred and stored on a Google server in the USA. Google will use this information to analyse the usage of the i-potentials website, to generate reports about activities on the site for i-potentials as the operator and to provide other services in relation with the usage and internet usage. In addition, Google might forward this information to third parties if required by legal provisions or if third parties process this information on behalf of Google. According to its own specifications, Google will not associate the IP address of a User with other data of Google. Users can avoid cookies by changing the settings of their browser; please note, however, that in this case you may not be able to use the full functionality of the website services offered by i-potentials. By using the website services of i-potentials, the User declares to agree to Google’s processing of his personal data in the way and for the purposes described before.

3.4 Contractual relation: i-potentials uses personal data of Users that are required for the creation, execution or termination of a contractual obligation or an obligation that is similar to a contractual obligation of the corresponding Users. This, inter alia, shall be the case if the User wishes to use the the website at and/or the services of i-potentials.

3.4.1. Creation of the contractual relation with i-potentials: In order to use the services offered by ipotentials, a simple transmission of certain personal data by the User (e.g. in the application form) might be required as well as the registration of the User for the usage of the services offered at and for the agency services of i-potentials, both of which can be done electronically or in other forms of communication. Personal data, as e.g. first and last name, e-mail address and User password, are regularly required for the registration of the User for the usage of the services offered at Together with the voluntary registration, the User can access the job board offered at www.i-­‐

3.4.2. Execution of the contractual relation with i-potentials: If required for executing the contractual relation between i-potentials and the corresponding Users, i-potentials uses personal data of its Users.

a) Usage of personal data for the usage of the website: i-potentials uses personal data of Users in order to provide the services at and the possible usages related thereto (e.g. job board and support). Such data will also be used by ipotentials to monitor functional disruptions or a misuse of the services offered at

b) Usage of personal data for agency services: The User gives his approval that i-potentials can use the provided personal data in order to fulfil its services as a staffing agency, to enable the placement of candidates and to carry out consultancy services for customers. i-potentials uses the personal data of candidates in order to place candidates in vacant positions at i-potentials’ customers. i-potentials uses the information of existent or future customers or the personal data of their contact persons for its agency and consultancy services in order to search for experts and employees for these customers.

c) Forwarding of personal data during the contractual relation: The User gives his approval that i-potentials can forward the personal data provided by customers or future customers in order to fulfil the services as a staffing agency, to enable the placement of
candidates and to consult customers on searching for experts and employees. ipotentials forwards personal data of candidates to customers and cooperation partners in order to place candidates in vacant positions. i-potentials will ask each candidate before data are transferred to a customer unless the candidate has applied for a specific position or the candidate and i-potentials have agreed another procedure in advance. i-potentials may forward anonymised candidate data on a single case basis to future customers. i-potentials forwards information about customers and/or the personal data of the customer’s contact persons to candidates if this is required for information and contacting during the placement activities of ipotentials.

3.5 Termination of the contractual relation with i-potentials: i-potentials also uses personal data of the User for terminating the contractual relation with a User if required to finalise the obligation. For example, this could include the settlement of a balance.

3.6 Usage of personal data for communicating with i-potentials: If the User has provided his telephone number and/or address and i-potentials contacts this User by telephone or post during the cooperation, this information is used to answer enquiries and to inform about candidates or vacancies.

3.7 Regular information about new vacancies sent to candidates: i-potentials will notify the candidate regularly and after his approval about new vacancies that match the profile provided by the user or about other opportunities that might be of interest to the user. These notifications are an integral part of the services and provide regular information in relation with the User’s job search. The candidate can revoke his approval without giving any reasons and at any time. The revocation is to be sent to the address of i-potentials stated at the end of this Privacy Statement.

If required, i-potentials is generally entitled to store and transmit personal data for the reasons set out in this Privacy Statement and within the European Union and/or the European Economic Area. Data and information that i-potentials receives from Users will neither be forwarded to third parties for marketing or promotion nor for other purposes, which are not in compliance with this contract. The provision under shall remain unaffected. During the cooperation between you and i-potentials, your data will only be forwarded after your explicit approval is made towards i-potentials.


The security of the personal data i-potentials receives from its Users is an integral and crucial part of i-potentials business philosophy. For this reason, i-potentials employs physical, technological and administrative measures to protect the personal data of its Users against loss, misuse and alteration. But as with all data transmissions via the Internet, a small risk remains when personal data are sent or received.


All Users are entitled to revoke their consent to the processing and usage of the personal data that i-potentials uses to provide the services of its website or other services of i-potentials without giving any reason and at any time. The revocation or notification is to be sent to the address of i-potentials stated at the end of this Privacy Statement.

Furthermore, every User has the legal right to request the correction, deletion and blocking of his personal data. If the User sends his request to the address stated below, i-potentials will edit or delete the personal data of the User as soon as possible. In single cases, it might be technologically or organisationally impossible to fulfil the requested deletion or change immediately, because some tasks had begun before the request of the User was received and were not completed. Please note also that the deletion of User data is only possible if this is not prevented by legal regulations, in particular in relation to data required for billing and/or accounting purposes.


In some cases, the Users as well as third parties might be entitled to request information about the data collected and stored by i-potentials. In such specific cases, i-potentials shall be entitled to provide the requested information or might be legally obliged towards authoritative bodies to provide information.

6.1 User right to information: Upon the User’s request, i-potentials shall be obliged to provide free of charge information about all his personal data stored by i-potentials. Such information will be provided electronically (by e-mail); upon request also in writing. Any requests have to be sent to the address stated at the end of this Privacy Statement. Should the User exercise his right to request information via e-mail, the communication e-mail address (sender and recipient) will only be used for providing the requested information and for documentation purposes.

6.2 Right to information of third parties: in single cases, i-potentials might be entitled to inform third parties about personal data of the users. i-potentials will also forward data to local, governmental, national or international authorities if required by law. In addition, i-potentials will also disclose data to third parties if required by law or legal regulations. i-potentials shall also be entitled to disclose
information in order to investigate or avoid illegal activities or suspected fraud and to take counter measures or to enforce its own claims against the corresponding User.


By using the services offered at and other services of i-potentials, the User consents to the usage of his data as described above.

This Privacy Statement is valid in its current version 1.0 dating from the 31 July 2011.


i-potentials reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time; however, i-potentials will always comply with the applicable data protection laws. i-potentials also recommends to view the current Privacy Statement each time the website is visited. If i-potentials wishes to extend the usage of personal data, it will make sure to inform the users in advance.