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Culture Shaping: Work and Leadership 4.0

Millennials, Gen Y and startup culture: What is the key to finding and retaining the best people? Our keynotes and trainings address the core issues.

Startup mindset & the future of work - Recruitment, Leadership & Retention of Millennials

What do startups have that more mature companies don’t? What makes them so agile and innovative that lets them outclass their experienced, massively successful competitors? How can companies stay competitive by hiring digital talents and implementing the right culture? Our keynotes on startup mindset and the future of work address all of these questions:

What do employees expect in the digital age?

How can you find and recruit digital candidates?

What are useful leadership principles and incentive systems for innovation and goal-oriented company cultures? 

What: Keynote or workshop
Where: i-potentials office or inhouse
Price upon request.

Client Testimonial (German): “i-potentials ist Kooperationspartner in Roland Bergers Digital Hub Spielfeld

Basic training for managers: recruiting, management and employee retention in the digital age

Our management training covers the basics of management that every manager in the digital age should know while, at the same time, laying special emphasis on the individual personality profile of the participating manager to ensure that everyone can develop their own, individual management style. The training addresses the role of personal management and self-management as well as managing employees and aims at fostering a strong team foundation as a basis for scalable growth.

What: 4 training sessions of 3,5 hours (spread over 4 months)
Where: i-potentials office / also available as in-house training
How much: 2.200 EUR per person, incl. Reiss personality profile and a 1,5 hour individual coaching session

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Establishing strong company cultures while growing your business: Training for Founders and Managing Directors

Company and leadership cultures have an immediate effect on employee performance – and, thus, are decisive factors for business success. But how can your company’s culture be preserved during phases of (hyper)growth? The i-potentials CXO Training focusses on leadership principles that provide a basis not only for scalable growth but also for your employees to realize their full potential. Doing so, the training addresses all levels of leadership: personal leadership according to the participant’s personality profile and motives as well as leadership of teams and organizations. The overall goal is to establish a sustainable company & leadership culture for your business to grow and succeed.

What: 6 training sessions, 3 hours each, separately bookable
When: every 2-4 weeks
Where: i-potentials Office, Zimmerstr. 79-80, 10117 Berlin
How much: Session 1: 900 € p.P. (inkl. REISS Profile), every other session: 500 € p.P.
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Client Testimonial (German): “Gute Führungskultur bei rasantem Unternehmenswachstum?” Interview mit 99chairs Gründer Julian Riedelsheimer – Zum Referenz-Case