HR Talk Oct. 2017 - Impressions


HR Talk Oct. 2017 - Impressions

On October, 19th Signavio opened the doors to to their beautiful event location in Berlin in order to host i-potentials quarterly HR Talk. In order to hear and see Jonathan Hermida, Life-Coach, writer and retreat architect, speak about empowerment Berlin's most motivated HR professionals gathered for the night.

Starting off with the question "What is happiness?", Jonathan guided the crowd through an open, intimate and most of all empowering evening questioning belief systems and sending the powerful message:

"You are responsible for your own happiness"

In order to get from awareness to empowerment it takes five steps, he explained. The first one is asking yourself if it is absolutely true what you are believing (e.g. "I'm not experienced enough"). Only by questioning our own beliefs we can realize that we are not owned by our own feelings and beliefs but that we can step back, rethink and take action in order to make the change that we are longing for.

If you are an HR professional or if you would like to host one of our events please contact or join our group on XING - just look for "HR Talk Berlin".

Thank you to everybody who attended and contributed to the event. Here are some impressions from the night.

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