CHRO Briefing - February 2020

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CHRO Briefing - February 2020
    1. When Charles Dickens wrote “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, he was most likely talking about the role of the Chief People Officer in a large tech company. CPOs or CHROs have the unique opportunity (and unique burden) of being responsible not only for staff but also for culture and are working in a position that has an impact on virtually every part of the company. So, what exactly makes CPO the worst best job in the tech world?
    2. With steadily increasing revenues since pretty much 1991 (granted, dotcom & financial crisis years excluded), headhunters have become more and more influential and powerful in the economic landscape. An estimated 80-90% of Fortune 250 companies have paid executive search companies to find their CEO. This article takes a look behind the curtain of this notoriously secretive industry.
    3. Digital transformation is more about people than it is about anything else. Companies of pretty much every industry need the right talent to digitize their operations and by that ensure future success. If you want to develop a robust talent pipeline for your company’s digital needs, there are 3 things that you can do: 1) Look for potential instead of credentials, 2) Value soft skills as much as technical ones, 3) Incentivize employees to grow and get out of their comfort zone.
    4. Creating an engaging work environment and great employee experience makes perfect business sense: After all, engaged & happy employees are statistically up to 20% more productive. Here are 9 tips for improving employee experience and - spoiler alert - none of them has to do with buying a foosball table or hiring a barista.
    5. HR Tech has become a huge market in the past 10 years and 2020 is the year that companies are planning to spend a record amount of money on this industry, according to PwC’s latest HR Technology Survey. The top 3 issues companies want to tackle with new software:

    Katja Bauer

    Each month of the year, i-potentials' partners share with you what's on their reading list. Today's suggestions come from Katja Bauer, Partner &  Expert for Digital HR Executives.  

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