CHRO Briefing - January 2020

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CHRO Briefing - January 2020
  1. McKinsey talks talent in this podcast about the new science of people & talent. Their take on the CHRO role: It should not simply be about a seat at the C-suite’s table but about driving value for the company via talent. 
  2. The secret sauce to great corporate cultures? Quiddity! It’s the very essence distilled from the company’s values, history, and principles. And it is all the more important the more a company relies on its reputation to attain market value (think: consulting, law & accounting firms, medical centres or even engineering & construction companies).
  3. And speaking of culture: Researchers have analyzed the digital traces of employees (Slack messages, Glassdoor reviews, electronic communication) to get to the bottom of the analytics behind corporate cultures. (Some of) their findings: Cultural adaptability beats cultural fit when it comes to employee performance. And there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between efficiency and innovation (i.e. cultural alignment and diversity). 
  4. What are the most in demand skills on the labour market in 2020? According to the data gleaned from LinkedIn, the top 3 soft skills remained the same since last year (Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration - in that order) while there is a new entry as the hard skills category’s number 1 (Blockchain before Cloud Computing and Analytical Reasoning).
  5. Really good recruiters are almost as scarce as engineering talent these days. So holding on to the ones you have is absolutely essential: 34% of the recruiting professionals surveyed in The Future of Recruiting Report said that retaining top recruiters would be a major priority over the next five years. Here are 5 (feasible) ways to keep recruiters happy at your company

Katja Bauer

Each month of the year, i-potentials' partners share with you what's on their reading list. Today's suggestions come from Katja Bauer, Partner &  Expert for Digital HR Executives.  

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