Digital Executive Briefing - January 2020

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Digital Executive Briefing - January 2020


  1. If your new year’s resolution is to read more books, then this reading list will make that very easy for you: 20 new books on leadership covering everything from problem-solving over relationships to identity & happiness and even a few new autobiographies worth looking into. 
  2. And speaking of new year’s resolutions: Here are 8 great suggestions for what to start doing (or stop doing) as a manager in 2020. For example: Start clearly communicating your priorities and stop using pretentious phrases while doing so. 
  3. Embracing and managing change is certainly one of the biggest challenges leaders face, especially in the fast-paced digital economy. It is vital to strike just the right chord between welcoming the opportunities change brings while still addressing the problems that may surface at the same time. This article offers 5 guiding behaviors to get this right.
  4. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to look ahead, so here is how society will be impacted by technological advancements in areas like AI and Blockchain in 2020. Hint: One of them will become more authentic and the other one more commercialized. 
  5. Having your eyes set on the corner office has gone a little bit out of style in the New Work era - though research has proven (again and again) that open offices lead to less concentration & collaboration and more sick days. Why is the open office floor plan still so pervasive then? The sad truth: Because we all just want to be like Google and Facebook.

Martina van Hettinga

Martina van Hettinga
Managing Partner

Each month of the year, i-potentials' partners share with you what's on their reading list. Today's suggestions come from Martina van Hettinga, Managing Partner.  

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