"Hiring for experience is overrated" and other valuable lessons in our People Strategy Briefing for September


"Hiring for experience is overrated" and other valuable lessons in our People Strategy Briefing for September
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As Western societies are ageing, so is their workforce. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, according to a new report published by the OECD. 

Ask any (hiring) manager what they first and foremost screen candidates for and they will tell you: Experience! It sounds so logical. If you want a prospective employee to be great at their new job, you just get someone who has experience in doing that job. Well, a new study begs to differ! 

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders podcast David Green interviews professor, speaker and HR superbrain Dave Ulrich about the role of the HR business partner in the digital age, in what ways organizations are using people analytics and how leaders can get more out of their HR teams. 

IBM has developed a new personality insights tool, that only needs 100 to 3,000 of your written words (depending on how accurate you want the result to be) in order to tell you what kind of person you are. Creepy? Maybe. But does this also have implications for human rights?

Lousy pay (if any) and a learning curve all the way from making coffee to making photo copies? Internships have, thankfully, long evolved since those dark days and are actually shaping the future of work.

HR Guru No.1, Laszlo Bock, on his new company, the lessons he learned at Google and why he thinks HR is on the brink of revolutionary changes. 

Going agile? Good for you! These 5 steps for spreading & implementing agility on a company-wide scale, not only on a team or unit level, will make this a lot easier. 

If the saying is right that staying at the top is a lot harder than getting there, then this is especially true for business models in times of disruptive digital developments. This new McKinsey study looks into which strategies have proved successful for established companies when navigating the challenge of digitization

Peakon has analyzed data from almost 22,000 employee comments left on their platform, resulting in interesting findings on (for instance) what different generations think about their workplace, which role geographical factors play and what would be the one thing employees would change if they had a magic wand. 

Hiring for cultural fit is actually a great idea and we stand by this! However, we all tend to confuse cultural fit (i.e. alignment with the company's vision, goals and way of working) with general likability of a candidate. Here’s how to get it right.

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