i-potentials places Managing Director Germany and Austria for Vente-Exclusive


i-potentials places Managing Director Germany and Austria for Vente-Exclusive
In a detailed executive search process, i-potentials filled the position of Managing Director Germany & Austria for the renowned e-commerce company Vente-Exclusive. The mandate was awarded to i-potentials in February 2017 and the position successfully filled within 2 months.

The Client

Vente-Exclusive, an online shopping platform that offers members-only designer product flash sales, seized new growth opportunities outside its core markets (Benelux) after teaming up with their French competitor Vente-Privee.

As part of the arrangement with Vente-Privee, Vente-Exclusive will expand the operations in Northern Europe incl. Germany and Austria. Therefore they were eager to find a Managing Director for the German branch that would invigorate the brand and develop the teams in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

The Challenge 

Stefan Tournoy, Co-Founder of Vente-Exclusive

Running operations in Germany is no easy feat considering the size and importance of the German-speaking market combined with its specific challenges for e-commerce companies: Germany is the country with the highest number of return shipments worldwide. Vente-Exclusive therefore was looking for a very specific profile for its key role.

Stefan Tournoy, Co-Founder of Vente-Exclusive: “The main aspects we were looking for in a candidate were: First, extensive experience in managing complex international environments. Second, extensive experience with e-commerce. And third, someone that fits on a cultural level. These three key points were all equally important to us.”

Recruiting for the German market can prove especially challenging for international companies expanding to Germany, as they usually don’t have an extensive network in which to look for a suitable candidate. Outsourcing this task to headhunters is, therefore, rather common.

“For key positions like this one, which require vast experience and an excellent skill-set, we regularly work with headhunters,” says Tournoy. “Of course we looked into our own network first, but didn't find the right candidate there. We had worked with other large HR consultancies before, but we chose i-potentials for the simple reason that we needed a headhunter that is specialized in digital profiles, specifically e-commerce.

The Search

At the beginning of every search comes the most essential part: A deep analysis of what is required of a role and of the candidate that wants to fill it. “Before we started the search, i-potentials strongly encouraged us to do some deep thinking on what we were actually looking for. This thought process and preparation really helped getting the search on the right track,” says Stefan Tournoy.

i-potentials then successfully set out to fill the position of Managing Director in a detailed executive search process to find the perfect fit. “Once we kicked off the project, we had weekly update calls with i-potentials and the communication throughout the process was very smooth, professional and transparent. Plus, the candidates delivered to us during the process were of excellent quality”, Tournoy summarizes the search.




About Vente-Exclusive 

Vente-Exclusive.com is the number one in online flash sales in the Benelux. Vente-Exclusive is a private shopping community and offers exclusive sales of around 3000 top brands in fashion, lifestyle and travel to more than 5 million members daily. Since September 2015 Vente-Exclusive.com has a strategic partnership with Vente-Privee.com group. Because of this partnership Vente-Exclusive.com will experience a stronger growth, be able to further expande its offer and accelerate its international growth.


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