On Definitions of Innovation and Women in the C-Suite - People Strategy Nov 2019


On Definitions of Innovation and Women in the C-Suite - People Strategy Nov 2019

How do you hire for a position that didn’t even exist just a few years ago? In case of the Chief Innovation Officer, you will first need to get to the bottom of how your company defines innovation. This article provides some insight as to what shapes this role can take and which set-up/business requires which particular brand of CINO (Spoiler: There are at least 6 different types). 

Although this comparison may remind you of the times when HR was still a little heavy on the resource part instead of the human aspect, there is some truth in the similarities between choosing a high-performing stock and choosing a high-performing employee.

This may sound like a revolutionary idea, but - from an economic perspective - it makes a lot of sense: Why not invest a considerably smaller amount than the money you would spend hiring someone with a specific skillset (let’s say software engineering) into training your existing employees these skills? This study on the build vs. buy approach to talent is great food for thought.

Another year, another Women in the Workplace” report by McKinsey. One of this year’s findings: While gender parity remains out of reach, there are more women in the C-Suite than last year (4% increase). However, this positive development will eventually stall, because there aren’t enough female managers, i.e. no talent pipeline for senior positions. So the biggest obstacle women face on the path to senior leadership is actually at the first step up to manager. McKinsey has some suggestions on how to fix this. 

And speaking of women in the workplace: A new study sheds some light on the deterring factors for women looking for jobs in the tech industry. Surprisingly, office cultures described through peer pong anecdotes, porn and/or video game references are not exactly attractive to female STEM graduates.

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