People Strategy Briefing | August 2019


People Strategy Briefing | August 2019
Our monthly update - carefully selected & neatly compiled - of everything you should know and read about the wonderful world of talent, leadership & organizations.

With only 4 full months left of 2019, performance review season is just around the corner. And if this prospect sounds dreadful to you as a manger, it means you’re probably not doing them right. Here’s how to get most out of this powerful management tool. 

If Twitter is that obnoxious person yelling at you on the subway platform, then LinkedIn is the eager to please, but nevertheless likeable, co-worker you talk to over the free muffin buffet at your company’s get-together. How has the social platform, whose newsfeed looks & feels a lot like Facebook’s, managed to keep it’s profile safe for work & non-political and should other social media outlets do the same?

In its annual analysis Technology at Work, Oxford University & Citi are looking into technology trends of the future and their effects on the workplace. The most recent issue specifically explores 7 ways to help employees to adapt to technological change in their work environment.

It’s rare to get actual recruiting insights from Silicon Valley companies. Everyone wants to keep the secret to their special sauce, understandably. This is why it’s so refreshing and interesting when a startup shares its entire hiring experience starting from employee number one. All the channels used, results achieved & insights gained.

What if your biological condition were an indicator for your job performance? Well, it actually can be. And employers encouraging their workers to wear company-owned wearable health-tracking devices know this, too. How long to go until hiring decisions will be based on biometric data as well?

Data Science is THE future skill to be reckoned with - and the popularity of candidates who bring it to the table is soaring. But what does it take to lead data scientists?  A freshly minted data science lead shares her insights. 

Word from the Godfather of Modern HR: In this podcast interview Dave Ulrich and people analytics expert David Green discuss HR in the digital age. Happy listening!

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