People Strategy Briefing | February 2019


People Strategy Briefing | February 2019
Our monthly update - carefully selected & neatly compiled - of everything you should know and read about the wonderful world of talent, leadership & organizations.

Who are these Chief Human Resources Officers that we keep hearing about? Here’s an interview with a specimen of this rare and beautiful species (Mary Humiston from Rolls Royce PLC) talking about the strategic focus of the role and how to successfully implement cultural change in an organization.

If there’s one superstar in the HR scene then it’s Patty McCord. The mastermind behind the legendary Netflix culture deck (“Freedom & Responsibility Culture”) presents 8 concise lessons on how to build a company that people enjoy working for in this TED video.

We’ve all heard the buzzwords surrounding the discussions on the future of work: digitization, automation, artificial intelligence, an aging population, war for talent, and the list seems to go on endlessly. The smart people at McKinsey have looked into how companies can identify the developments that will affect them most and actually prepare for the coming changes.

Pretty predictably, the holy trinity of tech companies (Microsoft, Google, Facebook) is moving deeper and deeper into HR tech. Why? It’s the data, stupid!

Last but not least some feelgood content: 10 companies that have found creative & effective ways to boost their workplace culture and make employees happy.

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