People Strategy Briefing | January 2019

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People Strategy Briefing | January 2019
We believe that successful organizational strategies are always based on excellent people strategies and that every aspect surrounding talent (how to recruit, lead and retain it) will essentially decide the future of an organization. And it turns out: We’re not alone with that opinion! Which is why over the last months and years, countless newsletters, podcasts, and blogs have started covering people strategy topics. And the great thing about this: Most of them are actually really good! But who is supposed to read all of that? The answer is: We are! So from now on you will find a monthly update - carefully selected & neatly compiled - of everything you should know and read about the wonderful world of talent, leadership & organizations.

Yes, the workplace is changing - as is society as a whole - which has ramifications for the way employees and employers approach each other. The world economic forum has some ideas for trust-building measures for the next couple’s therapy session between the two parties.

Remember when the HR department was where careers went to die? It seems like this is finally changing - after years and years of relentless missionary zeal by trailblazers in the HR community (and yours truly) word has gotten out that it’s actually pretty useful (if not indispensable) for a CEO to have some knowledge of HR and people topics.

The rule of seven apparently also applies to recruiting optimization. These 7 basic but immensely useful ways to streamline your hiring process will give your recruiting a kick-start into 2019.

Agile is here to stay so you better believe the hype and start applying it to your HR and people topics as well. This article neatly breaks down 8 elements that will help implement agile thinking & acting in HR step by step.

New work has brought about new organizational forms and leadership trends in the business landscape, one of them being the “bossless company”, which promotes flat hierarchies, peer-to-peer networks, and extreme decentralization instead of an over-inflated management level. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? may not want to fire all of your managers just yet...

Is there life after disruption? Yes! These 8 questions to assess a company’s impact in the world hint at what innovation could look like if it’s not just about moving fast and breaking things.

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