People Strategy Briefing | July 2019


People Strategy Briefing | July 2019
Our monthly update - carefully selected & neatly compiled - of everything you should know and read about the wonderful world of talent, leadership & organizations.

This podcast interview with Spotify’s CHRO, Katarina Berg, offers a deep dive into the strategic role of HR for a business, how to implement & support a growth culture and what to do with all the people data you will collect along the way.

We all know tech talent is hard to find these days and especially AI specialists are highly in demand. Thankfully, LinkedIn VP John Jersin has some ideas on how to source, hire & retain them. 

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace may seem like a daunting task, but this guide offers all the info, encouragement and processes (outlined step-by-step) you will need to make it happen.

Ever wondered what makes a really good boss? If the saying is true (and we know it is) that people don’t leave companies but they leave managers, then the answer to this question may well be the most important thing you need to know to boost retention. Here are the top 10 traits that make an excellent manager. 

In case you haven’t heard, the We Company (formerly known as WeWork) is basically planning to take over the world. How so? This insightful portrait of founder and second biggest megalomaniac entrepreneur after Elon Musk, Adam Neumann, sheds some light. 

Applying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to employee retention is simple and extremely useful. Here’s how to address the different needs when it comes to motivating and retaining your employees.

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