People Strategy Briefing | June 2019


People Strategy Briefing | June 2019
Our monthly update - carefully selected & neatly compiled - of everything you should know and read about the wonderful world of talent, leadership & organizations.

In this - to put it mildly - challenging talent landscape for employers, it pays to know who you really are as a company, who you want to work with and how you can attract exactly those people. Here are some tips from Dropbox’s brand strategist on how to find your USP (it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of right now) and craft a compelling brand story.

Setting up a good onboarding process means setting up new hires for success. Onboarding lays the foundation for everything from cultural fit to long-term job satisfaction. So why do so many companies still think their too lean (or too busy) for proper onboarding? Here are 6 onboarding tactics everyone can and should follow.

Pinning down an employer brand can be tricky and often results in a list of superficial perks (“we have happy hour get-togethers on Friday” - yes, and so does everybody else), but - done the right way -  a clear and authentic employer brand will make day-to-day work life, delivering excellent results and, of course, hiring so much easier.

The year is 2019. The labour market is entirely occupied by the war for talent. Well, not entirely… One (not so) small industry still holds out against the skills shortage and continuously manages to attract passionate, loyal and diligent candidates - without even paying them generously. Let me introduce you to: The nonprofit sector.

We all know that cultural fit is an important factor (if not the important factor) when looking for a new addition to the team. But how can we be intentional about hiring for cultural fit, if we only assess it in a quick chat over lunch? Here’s how to get it right.


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