Between visionary leadership and biased algorithms - People Strategy Oct 2019


Between visionary leadership and biased algorithms - People Strategy Oct 2019

We often try to identify leadership qualities that boost innovation and forget to look closely for the behavioral patterns that can hinder innovation. 5 very common innovation derailers are unconscious neglect, overprotectiveness, overconfidence, overexertion, and devaluation. The good thing is, there are existing strategies to avoid every single one of them.

Visionary leadership (think: Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey) is great but it won’t save the day if there’s no strategic alignment within the company. Especially getting mid-management on board with the vision is a must, if leaders want swift (and proper) execution of their ideas.

The founder/co-founder dynamic has often been likened to a marriage, so finding the one (to start your business with) must feel a lot like dating. This step-by-step playbook will make a rather decisive search for the perfect co-founder match a lot easier and even contains a comprehensive co-founder questionnaire.

Algorithms are as biased as the people that program them. Remember the internal AI recruiting tool Amazon had to shut down after discovering it was discriminating against women? This article explores automated hiring from a legal perspective and how an improved regulatory framework could protect us from employment discrimination.  

Discussing mental health at work is still somewhat of a taboo, but at the same time, work-related mental illnesses like burnout and anxiety are spiking. A recent study endeavored to find out what would help employees address their mental health issues at work. The most common answer: A leadership figure that does so. 

If strategy and execution had a relationship status it would be: It’s complicated. All too often great plans and inspiring ideas end up as just that: Ideas. Here are some practices that will help translate strategy into specific actions on the organizational level. 

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