RECAP SoSu2017 || The Amsterdam diaries


RECAP SoSu2017 || The Amsterdam diaries
Our very own sourcing nerds Anna & Marlen spent 2 days at the Sourcing Summit Europe in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and were overwhelmed: So many new trends, techniques and technologies to discover. And to make sense of it all, they compiled their highlights and key learnings in a diary reflecting the whirlwind of inspiration that was SoSu 2017 - so here it comes, your (non-comprehensive) SoSu digest:
#Shally Steckerl (The Godfather of Sourcing) - Building a Roadmap for Sourcing
Shally is the guy who invented sourcing and arguably the greatest sourcing geek alive (his deadline for filling a position is 7 days - #nolimits). He built his own spreadsheets that are a "dream come true" for every sourcer and - even better - he gave us access to them. You can go to and register to get all the infos. In his lecture Shally used a phrase that says it all: „FIND THE TRIBE, THEN FIND THE TALENT!
He also offered some great advice for all time management freaks among us: the Pomodoro Technique. Great stuff, especially for sourcers. His tip for visualizing concepts/roles/subjects: Create your own word cloud!
Shally is a really great story-teller - our favorite term was "Silver Medalist" = candidates who come in second in a recruiting process.

#Kasia Borowicz - The Art of the Effective Approach

Our hearts were beating faster when we heard the words „effective approach“ and thought about all the business analysts that shamelessly keep ignoring our messages! Kasia talked about what influences the response rate and pointed out that to be effective you have to make the candidate see you as a person and not a machine. In order to do that you can share some personal information on your XING or LinkedIn Profile and find a common non-job-related topic with the candidate (e.g. travel, food).

Before you start re-writing your profile, you may also want to test a tool called Crystal that analyzes a candidate's personality and tells you the most effective approach!
#Simon Horton - Negotiating Your Way to Sourcing Success
Simon shared with us the 5-step-framework for negotiations with candidates (based on techniques actually used in hostage negotiation scenarios). Step 1: Active Listening, Step 2: Empathy, Step 3: Rapport, Step 4: Influence, Step 5: Behavioural Change. Easy, right? Our key take-away from this lecture: ORDINARY THINKING WILL GET YOU ORDINARY RESULTS“.
#Karen Azulai - Embrace the Age of Smart Machines
Karen painted a rather dismal picture, when it comes to our craft by starting her presentation off by saying: SOURCING WILL CEASE TO EXIST. There are 2 reasons for this, in her opinion: The rise of artificial intelligence and the fact that sourcing will be done by managers themselves in the future - not through recruiters. She recommended some advanced tools like Recap.Work, AmazingHiring, Arya and - for alle the stalkers among us - the social media profile analyzing tool
#Matej Matolin - Relationship Sourcing - The New Age of People-Centric Sourcing
Highly interesting lecture on building long-term relationships with excellent candidates to convert them into employees somewhere down the line. Key learnings here were: Consistency matters more than quantity in communication. And: Longer relationships ahead of the actual recruitment process lead to a better retention rate.
#Henk van Ess - Journalist, Private Detective, Spy?
No idea what to call him but this was really a fascinating lesson on how to find someone and get to the bottom of their story - be it the perfect candidate or, as in Henk's case, the president of Moldavia and his financial wrongdoings.
#David Arnoux - The Rise of the T-Shape 
David's company organizes a Growth Hacking Academy where they teach students a combination of skills in product, data and marketing to achieve product-driven growth (the so called "T-shaped Player"). The company itself sounds like the very definition of „new work“.
#Natalia Glick / Balazs Paroczay  -  ThoughtWorks Case Study
The ThoughtWorks team pointed out very clearly: We need to change our understanding of sourcing. Sourcing is not just a junior position or a step on the way to becoming a recruiter. A sourcer is the recruiter's or consultant's partner. Sourcing can be exciting and adventurous!

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