Recruiting Roundup - Best of 2017 from the wonderful world of Talent Acquisition


Recruiting Roundup - Best of 2017 from the wonderful world of Talent Acquisition
News, innovation and inspiration from the arguably most vital area of any business: Talent Acquisition. 
Our top ranked & clicked articles - Best of 2017

#What's your best interview question?
The age-old question finally answered. Hiring exceptional talent, takes exceptional interviewers. First Round Review has comprised the best interview questions they've collected over the past years from industry leaders like the VP Engineering of Airbnb, Mike Curtis, or Co-founder and CEO of Koru, Kristen Hamilton. Spoiler: It's not: What ist your greatest strength/weakness?

#Executive Recruiting - Aiming high!
We happen to know a thing or two about this one, but Jennifer Rettig's super extensive deep dive into her 3 secrets for successfully recruiting for the executive level is an eyeopener for anyone who has ever tried to fill a top level position. And she even provides some valuable tipps on how to best work with external recruiters.

#Source outside the comfort zone
The relevance of LinkedIn as the recruiter's main tool and essential lifeline has been contested by many. Jan Tezge has taken a closer look at three apps (Talentwunder, HiringSolved, AmazingHiring) that want to take you out of your LinkedIn comfort zone and into uncharted waters..erm...candidates.

#Why Culture Matters, Especially in Recruiting
The online job platform Stepstone has published yet another study proving how significant the cultural fit is for successful recruiting and retention as well as employee satisfaction down the road. Nevertheless: Almost 60% of the companies surveyed said they don't test for cultural fit in their hiring process. Looks like they have some homework to do.

#Hacking your way to better hiring
Christmas came early with Lever's 101 recruiting hacks to accelerate your hiring. These nifty tipps & tricks cover the entire recruiting process, from employer branding and sourcing to interviewing, data-driven recruiting and closing candidates.

#The key(s) to recruiting tech talent
Yusuf Simonson (CTO at The Muse) addresses the holy grail of talent acquisiton: recruiting engineers. Everyone wants them, everyone needs them - only few succeed at hiring and retaining them. Simonson shares his insights and lessons learned while scaling their technical team from 2 to 25 members over the past three years.

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