Recruiting Consulting

Culture Shaping: Work and Leadership 4.0

Millennials, Gen Y and startup culture: What is the key to finding and retaining the best people? Our keynotes and trainings address the core issues.

Basic training for managers: recruiting, management and employee retention in the digital age

Our management training covers the basics of management that every manager in the digital age should know while, at the same time, laying special emphasis on the individual personality profile of the participating manager to ensure that everyone can develop their own, individual management style. The training addresses the role of personal management and self-management as well as managing employees and aims at fostering a strong team foundation as a basis for scalable growth.

What: 4 training sessions of 3,5 hours (spread over 4 months)
Where: i-potentials office / also available as in-house training
How much: 2.200 EUR per person, incl. Reiss personality profile and a 1,5 hour individual coaching session

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Impulsvorträge zu Themen, die Ihre Organisation bewegen

Unsere Berater halten regelmäßig Vorträge zu Trends der Arbeitswelt, die Unternehmen aktuell besonders beschäftigen. Die Themen sind beispielsweise:

Managing Millennials

Digitalisierung ist Kopfsache

Start-up Mindset & Arbeitswelt 4.0

#Women in Tech – Empowering Female Talent

Nicht das Richtige dabei? Kein Problem! Gemeinsam mit Ihnen entwerfen wir auch indivualisierte Vorträge aus unseren Expertisegebieten (u.a. Recruiting, New Work, Generation Y, Führung, Start- up-Kultur, Organisationsdesign).