Recruiting Services

Digital Recruiters

Your company is growing fast and has a constant need for fresh talent? We help you find a specialized recruiter to meet your need.

Recruitment and talent management: The decisive factors for business success

If you want to hire top talents and leaders, your recruitment needs to be excellent and sustainable. The best long-term solution to reach this goal: A recruitment team specialized in your industry that knows how to use and develop state-of-the-art tools and processes. We help you to lay the foundation for this team.

Client Testimonial (German): “Unternehmerisch, international, digital – i-potentials’ Besetzung des Head of HR bei Foodpanda”

Our process

  • 1


    • Analysis and definition of the required recruiter profile
    • Definition of search criteria and search strategy
  • 2


    • Accessing of all relevant sourcing channels: e.g. active sourcing, job postings, talent pools
    • Contacting and converting the relevant candidates
  • 3

    Candidate selection

    • Assessing all relevant candidates in our approved i-potentials interview process
    • Presentation of the best candidates with detailed candidate dossiers
  • 4

    Presentation and placement

    • Personal meetings with the best candidates in on-site interviews
    • Selecting the best candidate
    • Support of and participation in the interview process, incl. tool kits, cases etc. (if needed)
  • 5

    Training and development

    • Analysis and definition of training needs of the selected recruiter (if needed)
    • Selection of i-potentials trainings