Martina van Hettinga

Martina van Hettinga

Managing Partner

Martina van Hettinga is one of the pioneers of digital recruitment in the DACH region. In 2011 she started building the teams and C-suites of hypergrowth companies with fast-scaling business models: today, she is a Managing Partner at i-potentials and, as a partner, also develops people strategies of digital transformation projects. Before she joined i-potentials, she was Chief of Staff at the Berlin-based incubator and investor Team Europe.

Her expert knowledge in innovative HR technology also influences her own work as an investor, mentor and advisory board member of several digital ventures. She trains entrepreneurs as well as executives on the topics of next-generation leadership concepts. Martina co-wrote the book "HR basics for start-ups" (together with i-potentials founder Constanze Buchheim), her interviews and guest columns are also published in Politico Europe, t3n, or Gr├╝nderszene - to name just a few. As a mother to twins as well as in her role as an entrepreneur, she is particularly interested in modern education policies as a way to shape the future of the generations to come.

Interviews & Guest Columns:

"Digitalization changes the search for future employees" - Welt 2018 (Article in German)

"Leadership is the deciding factor in the employee retention" - Statement in the German business newspaper Handelsblatt 2018 (Article in German)

"Navigating the Digital Skill Shortage" - Guest column for Politico Europe 2015 (Article in English)

"5 trends for the talent management of the future" - Guest column in the German digital business magazine t3n 2015 (Article in German)